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 Read These Rules, BEFORE Posting (Or Risk Being Banned!)

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Rod Rego

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PostSubject: Read These Rules, BEFORE Posting (Or Risk Being Banned!)   Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:55 pm

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Penguin Place!

We are going to start being a little more strict on the Penguin Place forums. We've set up these rules to make the forums an enjoyable place to be. Common sense is the key to these rules, and of course, we all have it, so please use it. If you've joined these forums, you must be 13 years old!

1. Post threads in the CORRECT category
If your posting something about a piece of CP Fanart you made, put it in the gallery. If you're talking about the new items, but it in the Items category. Etc, etc.

2. Don't be mean, or swear
Treat others how you would like to be treated!

3. Don't type in CAPS

6. Use correct grammar and punctuation.
Don't abbreviate things, or use "text talk." Text talk includes things like "omg," "ttyl," "u r awsum," and others.

5. Don't Spam
Make sure that your post relates to the topic of the thread! If it's not, it is most likely considered spam. Other spam messages are things like "Rolling Eyes Love Secret Agent Party Hat Bunny" or "Bunny I love these smileys!" We like them too, but use them at appropriate times!

6. No Double Posting (Or triple posting, for that matter)
Double posting means posting twice in a row in a thread, please give other people a chance to contribute to the conversation, and don't start a conversation with yourself.

7. No Personal Attacks on Users
Penguin Place does not support bullying on the internet, nor does it prod users to do so. We take it very seriously, and we don't want people starting threads insulting one another, or PMing people rude comments. If you ever see someone doing so, please report it to a moderator/administrator as soon as possible. Don't attack the staff either.Rolling Eyes

8. Post-A-Thons
Post-A-Thons are not allowed. We know that posting games and such are fun, but we don't allow them just because some people will post in them only to get their post count up.

9. Bumping Threads
Bumping a thread means that you are posting in an old thread that people haven't been posting in. It gets quite annoying if people keep bumping threads, so please don't. Also, if you bump threads a lot, you are only trying to get your post count up. Post count doesn't matter.

10. Have fun!
We hope you'll enjoy your time on Penguin Place forums, and we know that you'll be great about these rules!

Thanks, and have a nice day.
- RR

*Terms to know
Thread - The first post of the topic
Report - Use the button to report a mean, spam, or rule breaking post.
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PostSubject: Re: Read These Rules, BEFORE Posting (Or Risk Being Banned!)   Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:00 pm

I've just updated the rules as of 9/10/07.


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Read These Rules, BEFORE Posting (Or Risk Being Banned!)
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